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Dedicated Server India – Windows & Linux

If you looking for dedicated server India for your organization or business firm or in case if your web development team has recommended you to have a dedicated server in India based on the technical requirement of the web application.

Then you are at the right place, Webji Hosting Pvt. Ltd. deals in both Linux, as well as Windows, dedicated servers with 24×7 managed support services. As the name of server plans suggests, we set up a separate dedicated server exclusively for your usages only. WebJi® is an India based server provider offers cheap dedicated server packages.

Data Center-1 (EU)
1Gbps Network
Price starts @ INR 4000 ($58)/month
Our recommendations: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Multiple Configuration Options
Price starts @ INR 4000 ($58)/month
SATA / SSD / NVMe Drives
cPanel / Plesk Optional
Remote backup - addon
99.9% Network Uptime
24x7 Support services
Setup time: a few business hrs. (average)
Data Center-2 (India)
100Mbps Network
Min. 99.5% Network Availability
Our recommendations: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Multiple Configuration Options
Price starts @ INR 7300 ($100)/month
sMART Dedicated Servers with SSD Drives
cPanel / Plesk Optional
24x7 Uptime Monitoring - included
Remote backup - addon
24x7 Support services
Setup time: a few business hrs. (average)
Data Center-3 (USA)
250Mbps Network
Minimum 99.5% Network Availability
Our recommendations: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Multiple Configuration Options
Price starts @ INR 6000 ($86)/month
SATA / SSD Drives
cPanel / Plesk Optional
24x7 Uptime Monitoring - included
Remote backup - addon
24x7 Support services
Setup time: a few business hrs. (average)

Now you have a dedicated server; your traffic can deal with plenty of growth. A dedicated server is a rented computer that’s available to a single customer alone. When deciding between shared, VPS, and dedicated hosting, make sure that you pick a hosting provider that will not merely satisfy your needs today but also be in a position to accommodate your requirements into the future. Your hosting service provider has to be your partner in the company, and they need to strive to assist you in keeping your customers and customers content.

Numerous hosting providers offer you Linux Server Hosting to find fantastic support. Dedicated server hosting isn’t exactly inexpensive. Also, it provides a higher performance level. It refers to the exclusive use of all the resources such as RAM, CPU, and Disk to a particular client. Dedicated servers are the proper choice whenever there is a consistent demand for high performance and dependability. Locating a dedicated server can be difficult on your financial plan. Since a dedicated server is quite pricey, it is ordinarily advisable to large businesses and enterprises. The most affordable dedicated server hosting has a high degree of security.

Cheap Dedicated Server India with affordable pricing plans

Your dedicated server has several configuration choices. It is the most powerful hosting solution in the industry, which means the ultimate performance for a web site. It is the obvious choice when it comes to hosting a high traffic website or eCommerce store. The significance of a dedicated server is that you’re obtaining a server on rent in a data centre that’s configured according to your requirements.

Dedicated servers are costly, and you must take every precaution to pick the ideal company, and that means you may enjoy high returns from the cash you invest. Because the server isn’t shared with anyone, it is not as probable you will come across security issues as a result of the activities of neighbouring websites on the server. The cloud server offers better flexibility for your enterprise. It is crucial to remember that the server is owned by the Internet host, and you don’t have physical access to it. A VPS server can typically be provided dependent on a Windows or Linux operating system, which means that you will always have the ability to locate an affordable VPS web hosting server that can fit your requirements.

Cheap Dedicated Server India with 24x7 support

Cheapest Dedicated Server In India with reliable support

When you’re thinking of purchasing a dedicated server, or servers, be sure to keep security in mind. Usually, dedicated servers are the ideal option for large websites, corporate sites, or developers seeking to utilize all the resources offered. The dedicated server provides you with equal support to all your operating systems. Dedicated server hosting is among the most expensive ones in the marketplace at this time.

The dedicated servers India will permit you to have the Internet server utterly devoted to the website. Dedicated hosting isn’t cheap whatsoever, and if it were affordable, then it probably wouldn’t be the sort of service that would help your company grow and earn money for you. Our cheap dedicated server hosting stands ahead regarding quality together with cost. It is a very affordable one, but it’s essential to see that you get what you pay for.

Online Server hosting plans are among the best solutions to fix different difficulties. The dedicated server is a significant alternative for your Internet enterprise. Cheap Dedicated Server is the proper sort of hosting solution that will offer reliable outcomes. It’s also essential that users evaluate the advantages of the server hosting platform.

Users can easily handle the operating system in addition to hardware too. These servers reduce the high quantity of traffic included within it. When you’re searching for leasing servers from an organization, it is almost always best to know more about the reliability of them before closing a deal. Our crew of experts can even assist you in making the right choice for your dedicated hosting needs. The organization ought to have a group of knowledgeable, competent experts to tackle any technical difficulties that may crop up.

Dedicated Server India Provider

If you’re a site owner, then you ought to understand that lots of website owners employing cheap dedicated server hosting. More information can be found at WebJi®. If you’re searching for best-dedicated server hosting for your site, you’ve arrived at the right location. There have to be specific requirements that you require for your website, so ensure it is clear before you buy it.

WebJi® Hosting delivers multiple methods of payments for our international clients. To search the dependable provider may be challenging for you. Speak to us soon when you’re prepared to deploy the memory on to the server, our support team will provide the step-by-step directions on the installation procedure. If your website doesn’t have a good deal of videos, PDF files, or images, you can select a little bandwidth and storage program.

To begin with, to see whether you can use low-cost web hosting, you want to be aware of how much disk space you’re going to need. WebJi® dedicated servers are located all around the world for your customers will get a decrease latency and higher speed. Finding a dedicated will permit you to forget about all of the technical complexities and use the server as you would like.

By picking a dedicated server, you receive the full use of a whole server not shared with anyone. In the event you need more power, you can choose a dedicated server from WebJi®. When you pick a managed dedicated server from a professional hosting company, they will give a group of professionals to observe your server every hour of every single day. The company provides a wide variety of hosting services. Some dedicated hosting companies don’t offer you an option when it comes to your operating system.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a dedicated server?

Answer: Dedicated servers are a good option if you’re expecting a high volume of visitors, require massive amounts of space, and need a higher degree of security. Obtaining a dedicated server will offer your sites with a higher degree of protection, speed, and uptime. WebJi® is one of the web hosting company which provide many hosting solutions such as shared hosting, dedicated server, and VPS, in affordable prices.

Where to buy dedicated server hosting?

Be sure that the server will support the forms of coding you require. Choosing a dedicated server usually means that you obtain a whole server to yourself. For this reason, you are going to need to consider how much RAM your server will use thoroughly. Based on your company requirements, you may need a server with a great deal of RAM. A shared server might be a superior solution for smaller businesses and individual websites. There are lots of things to think about when setting up your server. You’re essentially renting a complete server for your business.

How much does a dedicated server cost in India?

After you’ve determined your company demands a server, among the very first questions you’re most likely to have, involves how much the new server will cost. A dedicated server is dedicated to single or more websites maintained by the very same individual or organization, and it’s more complicated than other sorts of the webserver. It is the obvious choice when it comes to hosting a high traffic website or eCommerce store. A dedicated web server is merely that dedicated to a single customer entirely.

How dedicated server works?

Answer:  When you consider that a dedicated server is a perfect solution for high-traffic sites and large businesses, you can see why it’s vital to put money into your very own dedicated server. A dedicated server is an actual, physical machine that gives the online support and operation for your website. You can host multiple dedicated servers on the very same host; however, bear in mind that CPU and memory need to be monitored carefully if they’re busy servers in place of test servers.

How many users can a dedicated server handle?

When you’re employing a dedicated server, you will also be equipped to deal with any fluctuations in traffic. Dedicated servers are designed to help ensure a high degree of uptime from sites that receive a high volume of traffic, or a high degree of user interaction, like an eCommerce website. Dedicated servers are also ideal every time a little business wishes to guarantee they are the sole organization with access to the server hardware, something which could be relevant to regulatory compliance. They are the best choice when performance is the most critical factor. They are the most influential small business server option. Including a dedicated server to your company is no simple issue.

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