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At time of placing the order you will have option to enter “promotional code” you can use the mentioned coupon code to have the discount applied. Offer only applicable for users who uses the required coupon code at time of checkout otherwise not.

Domain names offer

Flat 2% off on all domains coupon code 20OFFDOM

Email hosting offers

Flat 20% off on all email hosting plans (except Gsuite) coupon code 20OFFMAILS

SSL Certificate offers

Flat 10% off all SSL Certificates coupon code 10OFFSSLCERT

Website builder plan offers

Flat 20% off on all website builder plans coupon code 20OFFWBUILDER

Linux / Windows hosting offfers

Flat 20% off on all hosting plans coupon code 20OFFSHARED

Bulk email plans offers

Flat 20% off on all bulk email or email marketing plans coupon code 20OFFMAILS

Reseller hosting plans offers

Flat 20% off on all reseller hosting plans coupon code 20OFFREHOST

Online Computer / Server backup offers

Flat 20% off on all cloud backup plans for desktop / laptop & servers coupon code 20OFFBACKUPS

WordPress Hosting offers

Flat 20% off on all WordPress hosting plans coupon code 20OFFWPHOSTING

VPS / Dedicated server offers

Flat 10% off on all dedicated server plans coupon code 10OFFSERVER

SEO Services offers

Flat 30% off any SEO plans coupon code 30OFFSEO

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– All offers are for limited period and till stock available only. All rights reserved by WebJi®.

– All offers are onetime welcome discount and thus applicable on first invoice you can order service for maximum available tenure to get maximum possible discount.

– It took us nearby 10 years to have this offer page so cash the discount offers as much as possible as shall be for limited time.

– Discount offers are for new orders only.

– Discount offers are only on inhouse service and is not applicable on any 3rd party services or addons.

– Discount offers are not applicable on any existing service; or addons; or renewal / upgrades.

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