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You may want to think about getting a Linux VPS hosting package if you’ve got a website that gets a great deal of traffic. You’ll then have to think about a VPS or dedicated plan, and a VPS can deal with any quantity of traffic. Linux VPS is a superb alternative in hosting services. For a site handling a good deal of traffic or having the potential to create lots of traffic, our Linux VPS hosting is a significant option. If you’re searching for a VPS hosting plans, you’re searching for the top-performing web hosting possible. Linux VPS hosting is unquestionably an excellent alternative for all sorts of business. Linux VPS is a huge selection for anybody who doesn’t have a budget large enough for dedicated servers but wishes to enjoy the same sort of flexibility. If you presently utilize shared hosting, it is easy to move to a Linux VPS.

Linux VPS-A
1100 / 1 Month
Shared VPS (10 users)
16 GB RAM Shared, 8 vCPU Shared, 10GB NVMe Storage
NVMe drives are up to 30x faster than SATA
5 MySQL databases, 1 Website Hosting, 1 Gbps Network, 2000 GB Data transfer per month
Linux VPS-B
2000 / 1 Month
Your Own VPS Server
4 GB RAM, 2 vCPU, 40GB NVMe Storage
NVMe drives are up to 30x faster than SATA
Unlimited MySQL databases, Unlimited Website Hosting*, 1 Gbps Network, 20000 GB Data transfer per month
Linux VPS-C
3000 / 1 Month
Your Own VPS Server
8 GB RAM, 4 vCPU, 160GB NVMe Storage
NVMe drives are up to 30x faster than SATA
Unlimited MySQL databases, Unlimited Website Hosting*, 1 Gbps Network, 20000 GB Data transfer per month
Linux VPS-D
4500 / 1 Month
Your Own VPS Server
16 GB RAM, 8 vCPU, 240GB NVMe Storage
NVMe drives are up to 30x faster than SATA
Unlimited MySQL databases, Unlimited Website Hosting*, 1 Gbps Network, 20000 GB Data transfer per month

VPS hosting is a fantastic way to have the assistance of a dedicated server minus the cost connected with it. VPS provides you control over your server which isn’t possible in shared hosting. All our VPS are made on a Cloud architecture, which is quite fast and dependable. VPS has a Limited ability to take care of high traffic spikes for your website and performance may still be somewhat affected by other websites on the server. VPS hosting is a source of confusion for many people and businesses looking for a hosting company for their Internet ventures. Many VPS hosting plans can easily be scalable. A fully managed server usually means that we’ll do the comprehensive server management for you.

Dedicated servers offer many advantages, such as security, privacy, and a variety of dedicated resources. A virtual private server is a terrific platform for web hosting, but additionally, it is handy for a number of other things. As stated earlier, it is just a virtual partition on a physical host computer. While shared hosting is thought to be very safe, take note that security breaches can happen simply because a typical server can’t guarantee 100% security. While shared hosting is a superb alternative for the short-term, you might face scalability problems in the very long run based on how your site grows. It is also the most popular type of web hosting due to its affordable and beginner-friendly nature.

Cheap Linux VPS Server Plans With 24*7 Technical Support

VPS hosting prices are dependent on various things. VPS hosting offer increased control and supply you with the capability to perform more advanced functions with your site. You may upgrade your existing hosting plan in accordance with the requirements of your organization’s growth anytime. Many VPS plans can be customized to satisfy your needs so that you pay for what you need but you do not have to handle any features you’ll never require. You have exactly the same technical support just like shared hosting for most issues. If you presently utilize shared hosting, you can readily move to a Linux VPS.

Linux VPS is an excellent selection for everyone who doesn’t have a budget large enough for dedicated servers but needs to enjoy the same sort of flexibility. Linux VPS hosting is undoubtedly a good selection for all kinds of business. Linux VPS is a good alternative in hosting services. Linux VPS will supply you with unmatchable security together with the flexibility to operate the Internet in the most suitable way. Our servers are functional and provide you the optimal performance at the most economical rates. So it also saves the management server, which may at times be hard for a headache. VPS hosting is a perfect option available for those that are searching for a cost-effective, dependable and perfectly secured hosting. VPS is a digital server hosted on a concrete server. VPS has been among the widely used and extremely acclaimed technologies in the business of web hosting.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to use Linux VPS?

Answer: If you would like to understand how to use Linux VPS, then better think about whether to utilize it. If VPS is designed for one specific job, then its performance indicators will be much greater than alternatives. The VPS hosting is mostly employed for websites that aren’t suited to shared hosting but do not need dedicated server hosting. Linux VPS is a huge alternative for anybody who doesn’t have a budget large enough for dedicated servers but needs to enjoy the same type of flexibility. If it comes to deciding on a cheap Linux VPS, there are loads of alternatives it is possible to consider.

How to secure Linux VPS?

Answer: If you’ve got an unmanaged server, plan on doing all the work required to keep up your server. Before you commence securing your server you may want to realize what you’re attempting to protect against and why so you understand what you should do. Securing Linux Server is critical to secure our data from the hackers. Linux is spreading extremely fast and its open-source character makes it ideal for VPS. Linux is really the most used operating system on VPS and for all of the right factors.

How to connect Linux VPS?

Answer: If you presently utilize shared hosting, it is simple to move to a Linux VPS. If you take advantage of a control panel, you can handle your server with a GUI, which is much easier, particularly for beginners. Windows do not include things like client software and you’ll need to install a different client. Windows 10 gives you the ability to utilize VPS hosting to log into the server as an Administrator. Windows do not incorporate an SSH client, however, there are several available. In the top right there’s an icon that resembles a computer monitor.

Can I upgrade VPS to the dedicated server anytime?

Answer: Yes you can anytime to order a dedicated server with us, and if you have an active VPS server with the control panel on it then we can offer you one-time free data migration too if required.

Can I use VPS for bulk email purposes?

Answer: No, we don’t allow any form of a bulk mailing or spamming from our web hosting network.

Can I host a Java application in Linux VPS?

Answer: If you order a VPS server with a control panel addon then we can offer you a one-time appropriate Tomcat installation. However, please note we will not be able to provide any Tomcat or Java software level support as that is not our supported software list.

What if I don’t have any expertise in Plesk or CPanel?

Answer: We have our technical staff available for your support 24*7 hrs. So if you don’t have any expertise with cPanel or Plesk panel, there is nothing to worry our techs are there and happy to assist you as far as your VPS is ordered with managed support added.

What if I order a server without a control panel addon?

Answer: The server will be unmanaged server and only hardware or network related downtime support will be provided in that case.

How can I upgrade my VPS anytime?

Answer: You can anytime upgrade to a higher VPS plan. However, please note downgrade will not be possible. If you want to upgrade your VPS server, then you can contact our techs at support@webji.services for the same, and they will further assist you and share with you the upgrade plan.

Which plan shall I order?

Answer: That depends totally on your budget and usages. However, based on your budget and requirements, you can always feel free to consult to our technical team at support@webji.services for any suggestions.

Can I get root access to my VPS?

Answer: Yes, you will be provided root-level SSH access to your Linux VPS with us. So you can manage it from SSH.

Do you provide demos in Linux VPS?

Answer: No, any demo VPS is not possible.

Can I add extra disk space and RAM anytime?

Answer: Yes you can upgrade your VPS plan anytime.

What is the best Linux VPS hosting?

Linux VPS servers are among the best methods to continue to keep your site productivity for an all-time high if your website is experiencing rapid growth and expansion. The Linux VPS servers are usually small and they have an equally modest value. Not only that but they also give you more flexibility to configure your website on the server, keeping in mind that a dedicated system administrator is required to keep the server running smoothly with high efficiency. Although it also shared among the various users, there is a significantly lower amount of users on the whole server. The Windows VPS Server is thought to have the very best performance within the currently available choices..Linux VPS Hosting 1

Do I need VPS Hosting?

Yes, in case you are having a high traffic website or if your web application/software application requires high system resources uses. Please note that more than 80% of the website don’t need VPS hosting. Your web hosting service provider shall be the right candidate who can suggest you technically in case you need a VPS server or not.VPS Server India


– All the above-noted USD prices are approximate values of USD amounts based on 1 USD = 65 INR. However, at the time of placing an order, only the latest conversion rates will be charged. So prices shown in USD are subject to change based on forex fluctuations.

– Once order and paid VPS Server setup may take 24-72 hours for processing and setup of the order. Only if not set up within 72 hrs. of order & payment’s customer reserve right to ask for refunds of the order.

– 18% GST additionally applicable to above-noted prices on Indian customers only.


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