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Taken broadly, there are two main types of hosting. The first one is VPS hosting, and the other is named as dedicated hosting. Although both are hosting services, still they are entirely different in terms of their usage and features. It is important to note that web hosting requires a good amount of space, matters not dedicated or virtual hosting is taken into use. The VPS server in real sense is the combination of dedicated as well as shared hosting. Now let’s have a look at these types of hosting services to know which one is perfect for your company.

Linux VPS

VPS server with CentOS/ Ubuntu + 24x7 technical support and monitoring.
Rs. 1800/mo. Starts as low as

Windows VPS

VPS server with Windows 2012 R2 / 2016 OS + 24x7 technical support and monitoring.
Rs. 1800/mo. Starts as low as

To explain these in simpler terms, dedicated hosting is something like your asset that you can use as per your will. As it is your asset, no one has the authority to use it without your permission. On the other hand, VPS is something like an apartment where although you are living still your own the same parking area, water supply and electricity connection, etc. As both these types of servers gave the option of rebooting, it’s a very tedious task to know the difference between them.

ServerIn case of virtual private server, it is important to note that it is sometimes not sufficient for website i.e. there may feel the need of more space than the RAM and CPU that is being allocated. It is usually the RAM slice that is being offered by the VPS hosting. However in case of dedicated server hosting the whole RAM is offered to the user.

When the user has a clear idea about VPS server and dedicated server, then the chances are high to get rid of unwanted frauds or security thefts. Looking around you will easily find a number of companies promising to offer dedicated server. However in reality they offer VPS server. Here the price difference is quite high, and so the user is cheated just because of lack of knowledge.

VPS servers are available with one advantage, and that is about the fact that the share of RAM being offered is kept safe for single use only. With this, the user also gets the option of availing the facility of bursting. Here again it is important to note that, not all hosting firms offer this kind of facility. Therefore, it is considered a better option than selecting a dedicated server with low disk space.

In terms of price also, there lies a huge difference between VPS and dedicated server. So, it is very important to select a proper hosting plan after doing full homework well in advance. Determining the root users you may require is only useful while selecting the server for your needs.

Dedicated server is considered good for businesses that require making use of resource-intensive software on their servers. In case the user is using a CMS that requires more resources as compared to older websites than your requirements are a little bit higher. In this scenario, the prudent option is to go for a dedicated server.

As here the price difference is too high, the cost entirely depends on the system style the user is using. Thus, it is very important to know the requirements of the website well in advance in order to make the right decision.

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