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The bulk email has become the most crucial Internet Marketing tool. Still, it seems to be the SMS promotion is considerably more efficient in doing the endeavour of advertising. Email marketing services don’t have to be complicated and customizable features that are user-friendly. Email marketing is just one of the most cost-effective marketing and advertising tools. Valid email promotion is often impossible without a top-quality SMTP server for bulk emails. As it ensures a steady flow of specific traffic in no time and helps you build brand image instantly. It’s quite simple to use and simplifies email marketing for small businesses and absolute beginners.

Promotional Email (via Panel)
Easy to use control panel
for Promotional / Cold Mailing
2000 / per month
Newsletter / Promotional Mailing
Online Control Panel access
Online Email Designer Tools
One Click > Auto Unsubscribe Feature
Hard bounce > Auto Blacklisted
Cold mailing - for Quality usages only
Spamming / illegal Use - Not allowed
Plan starts from 35,000 emails
Transactional Email (SMTP only)
SMTP Details + Dedicated IP
for Transactional Mailing Only
5000 / per month
Transactional Mailing
SMTP Details- Provided
Use your own mailing system / outlook
NO AUTO-Unsubscribe Feature
NO AUTO-Blacklist Feature
Promotional Mailing - Not allowed
Spamming / illegal Use - Not allowed
Starts from 1000 Per Hour

Important Information:

  • If any leading RBL blocks the IP or abuse complaint comes against any of user’s usages abuse fee of INR 1000 + 18% GST required to be paid per complaint for appropriate system admin time for system and IP network cleanup purposes.
  • If paid for email list cleanup, then kindly note any such email list cleanup are done using software tools. So any form of guarantee or warranty about the accuracy of the email verification process is not possible due to the nature of services and third-party dependencies.

Demo of our Bulk Email Control Panel System

Your emails ought to be ethical and shouldn’t be considered SPAM. Your service provider bulk email to make sure they must deal with the receiver included in the lists. Email Online Software not only can help you in bulk email marketing. However, it permits you to send bulk emails. It’s possible to send unlimited emails for as much as 1000 contacts so long as you desire! Promotional and sales emails can be transmitted at any moment since they offer information regarding your services or products. Bulk email marketing differs from that of spam email advertising. It has the potential to allow business owners to market their business, products, services, and talents to people all over the world. The best way to use bulk email marketing is to promote your products. Targeted bulk email marketing is an excellent method to advertise your goods and make plenty of perfect money!

Why Choose Us For Sending Bulk Emails?

It can be a beneficial way of making money by using nothing but an email list. It is a way to reach prospective customers and to stay in communication with existing clients. It is a potent and efficient email marketing tool that should be a necessary part of any marketing plan for any corporation or organization. It provides companies and organizations with a high possibility to advertise and sell their products and services. Email marketing can assist you in growing your small business, but only when you could be able to produce and manage email marketing campaigns well.

Bulk email marketing has an essential role as a result of its incredible and trustworthy approach. It is considered to be the most cost-efficient way of sending across your emails. So when you begin your organization, don’t neglect to make a sound strategy that could take your company to the national level. The bulk emails can be sent to millions at one time that’s impossible manually in the event of business advertising. Bulk Email Services In India At WebJi® 1Bulk emails are the best method to market services and products on a big scale like texts, as when it regards offers or discounts, individuals are interested. You may choose test email sending to make sure that your subscribers will receive precisely what you desire. Bulk email is an indispensable component of contemporary email advertising strategies.

You can send a single email to a lot of people, or a distinctive email to every person on your list with bulk email services. Emails are a more affordable medium than many other advertising and marketing channels. Bulk email is an essential mail sent to several people and is a significant part of online advertising and marketing campaigns. Bulk email services in India are the best method to advertise services and products on a big scale. Sending an immediate email marketing demands an email service provider that is reliable, has extensive knowledge in feature-rich email advertising tools and email shipping.

Leading Bulk Email Service Provider In India

The service provides bulk email services having the most cost-effective strategies and has its outreached segments in India in addition to all over the world. Such services permit you to dedicate all of your time planning your campaign. Selecting an excellent service is a complicated endeavour but is a single time one. Most of all, a unique email advertising service makes sure that your emails do not wind up in the spam folder. It enables you to create highly engaging emails.

When searching for the right email supplier, you have to first look at the form of email service you’re looking for. The service has two distinct plans based on low volume and higher volume bulk email advertising. The bulk email service we offer is simple to use and is secure. Bulk email assistance, also called mass email support, gives you the ability to send 1 form of an email to several folks.
It offers bulk email services with the most cost-effective methods and has its outreached segments in India as well as all over the world. Such services permit you to dedicate all of your time planning your campaign. Most importantly, WebJi® offers bulk email advertising services.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bulk Email Service in India

How do bulk email services in India work?

Answer: Bulk email is an advertising message that is sent repeatedly to lots and plenty of recipients at the moment. Bulk email is an advertising message sent using a brand to multiple recipients at the same time. Sending bulk email is a sensible alternative. The service features bulk mass email services having the most cost-effective strategies and has its outreached segments in India in addition to all over the world. Mass email services are especially helpful for businesses and individuals seeking to become into eCommerce.

What is a bulk email service?

Answer: If you’re not yet utilizing email advertising service, it’s something you should take into account to be able to reach a larger audience and strengthen your brand’s relationship with current clients. A bulk email service makes it possible for you to send it to any list, irrespective of its size. If you are searching for a valid bulk email service that still gives you the tools and features, you must communicate daily.

How much does a bulk email service cost?

Answer: You must be sure that your email advertising service provider doesn’t offer service to any spammer. Mass mailing services are correctly utilized using a bulk email service provider, and you may improve your organization’s performance without spamming. Bulk email marketing is a way to achieve prospective clients and to remain in communication with existing clients. With so many choices on the net, targeted bulk email marketing evolved and has provided an excellent way for individuals to market their products online.

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