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Cheap dedicated server India with 24×7 Support

Choosing the right cheap dedicated servers India provides is an essential decision. You may find a dedicated service to become more inexpensive than you may think but at the same time, it is important that the service provider shall be reliable. As there are many suppliers, who can sell you something at the lowest price but later you are going to face the lack of good service and support.

cheap dedicated server India with 24x7 support

A dedicated server can be a type of web hosting service where the user buys his separate physical hardware and pays the rental to his service provider. The entire resources of a dedicated server are used by that customer only and none of the customer shares the system resources.

In dedicated servers, virtually there are no any limits such as some database or email ids allowed; since the hardware itself is setup for that particular customer only. Occasionally a dedicated server can provide a smaller quantity of expense and a bigger return on investment since it is more secure web hosting option as compared with shared hosting where more than one user shares the same server resources.

The Advantages of Cheap Dedicated Servers India

  • Dedicated server can be a powerful computer used as an online server so when the name implies, may have machine resources that is dedicated to you individually or could be utilized only by you. Virtual private servers are alike in a few ways to dedicated servers and so are similar in other strategies to shared computers.
  • Many websites can be managed by one host that could be monitored and maintained easily.
  • You’ll have full control within the host and put it to utilize as according to your needs without someone else sharing room alongside you.

However, renting a dedicated server can be very expensive and buying a machine will also require periodic maintenance as well as possible repair costs. Thus, if you are not a web hosting expert then kindly make sure to hire your next cheap dedicated servers India server with any reliable web host such as B4U where we do offer managed support options with dedicated server to care your server maintenance part.

Benefits of low cost dedicated servers for your Business

Dedicated server may be the ideal solution for websites or e-commerce portal that do have lots of data transfer required or have heavy traffic website. With all the assistance of a dedicated server, the management of the business becomes very easy and cost effective. Dedicated server hosting prevents the problem of downtime up to some degree as your online application is not going to be disturbed due to any abuse issue of any other hosting users on the same server. As in dedicated server, an entire server is working for your web application only.

With dedicated hosting, you are normally able enough to set up your own personal software on your own machine since it is really a dedicated environment including your steps will probably not affect other people. If you should be hosting highly sensitive information on your own personal machine, this enhanced protection will be another major benefit for your business in dedicated server options.

An unmanaged Server is generally cheaper. However, you are supposed to be an experienced server admin if you are thinking about the unmanaged server or otherwise you have may have serious technical issues, and nobody will be there to help you in unmanaged server specially for software environment related issues.

That is why it is recommended to go with Managed server options whenever you are going to order your next dedicated server online.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) related to dedicated servers

Question: What if I placed an online order for a dedicated server which you do not have stock available with you?

Answer: In such case we will provide you related any other server quote. Required available choices if any will be provided and if you confirm that order will be processed accordingly. Or otherwise, if you discard the alternative available quotes or we do not have any alternative stock too with us then in that case your order will be refunded in full, as required.

Question: When will I get my login details of server after placing the order and making the payments?

Answer: All orders are generally processed within 2-4 business days from time of payments except in case of stock unavailability. Every server is custom built based on order and requirements thus time for setup is required.

Note – If you order a dedicated server without the control panel then it will be unmanaged dedicated server only. As our managed support service is offered only to dedicated servers ordered and used with control panel only.

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