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SPAM is a real problem of internet everyone get spam. There is no spam filter in this world which can result you 100% clean mailboxes. If you have highly strict antispam settings, the results will be reverse as you may start missing your some of important email too if you make your spam filters more strict than required. So in this article we are going to cover some of important steps you can also take to make sure that you get as little as possible. Some of them are as follows:

1. Contact your web host to confirm what spam filter they have created and if they can optimize it further. It is limited in scope for shared email servers but if you have a VPS or dedicated server can be further customized based on your preferences and what is best for you. So a VPS or dedicated email server is highly recommended for business users specially in case where customized spam filters etc is required.

2. Contact your web host to know how you can blacklist any email id. It totally depends on the features of your mail server and email for the same. So your web host is the right person who can suggest you on this.

3. Unsubscribe newsletters – It has been seen over the period user subscribe to many newsletters and public forums with their email id. Especially if the email ids are very old. In such cases you shall prefer the small unsubscribe email and click on that to get rid of the same.

4. Use alternative ID for newsletters – If you want to subscribe some email newsletter which is not related to business it’s far better to have that done using any of your free email service providers to attest keep your office mailbox clean.

5. Never ever publish your email id publicly online no matter on social media, blogs, etc. The more publicly you post your email id the more likely you are going to have spam-mails issue.

6. Never use catchall – It is seen that many times business email ids which is also a catchall email id can have such issue of a flood of spam emails the same is not suggested.

7. Free Products / Free Services / Free Everything – Generally a service provider who is offering something free they are getting your email id to their database better not to use your office email id for such purpose to keep your office email clean.

8. Use 3rd party add-on on the local PC – If you are using Outlook or Thunderbird then you shall enable local spam filters in that 3rd party email client as that shall further help you with the same.

9. Use blacklist options – If your email is having blacklist option. Maybe it takes you some time, but you can blacklist some domain names itself to not receive any more emails from those repeat basis spammer that you don’t like. However, make sure that you either block individual email ids or either be very safe when blocking a domain as blocking an entire domain means no more email from any user of that domain name. So you need to be careful while using such options.

10. Don’t sign up for the mailing list – Don’t sign up for email lists until you really need it using your office email id.

Please note that there is no email service provider who can offer you a 100% clean mailbox without any spam. As said earlier if you make your spam filter settings more strict then its most likely that you are going to loose some of your important emails that you will never want to miss. So every single point mentioned above is important and many of them are related to user-side action which you can take care to further protect and safeguard your email ids better from spam issues.

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