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WebJi® Whitelabel Reseller Program

A well-known program, The Whitelabel Reseller Program has made a name for itself and provides thousands of people access to various products on a low-cost basis. The reason this program is so popular is it’s not just a one-time deal. If you are an affiliate marketer who uses this program and wants to sell products on your website, you will have to keep using it and build a healthy business relationship with the program.

Join today to get recurring discounts & special pricings!

Silver Reseller
Reseller Discounts
with 24x7 Standard Technical Support
1000 / Per Month
Domains - INR 15 per domain
Recurring discount on services:
Shared Hosting - 10% off
Reseller Hosting - 10% off
Website Builder - 10% off
Email Hosting - 10% off
VPS Servers - 5% off
Dedicated Servers - 5% off
SSL Certificates - 5% off
SEO Services - 15% off
Bulk Email - 15% off
Gold Reseller
Reseller Discounts
with 24x7 "Priority" Technical Support
3000 / Per Month
Domains - INR 35 per domain
Recurring discount on services:
Shared Hosting - 15% off
Reseller Hosting - 15% off
Website Builder - 15% off
Email Hosting - 15% off
VPS Servers - 10% off
Dedicated Servers - 10% off
SSL Certificates - 10% off
SEO Services - 20% off
Bulk Email - 20% off
Highest Savings!
Platinum Reseller
Reseller Discounts
with 24x7 "Priority" Technical Support
5000 / Per Month
Domains - INR 50 per domain
Recurring discount on services:
Shared Hosting - 25% off
Reseller Hosting - 25% off
Website Builder - 20% off
Email Hosting - 20% off
VPS Servers - 15% off
Dedicated Servers - 15% off
SSL Certificates - 15% off
SEO Services - 30% off
Bulk Email - 30% off

Whitelabel Reseller Programs – How to Get Started

If you have ever considered the idea of selling items using an e-commerce platform, but you want to sell something that has a unique selling proposition, a website like Whitelabel reseller services can help you with that. You can create a website focused on one type of product, like health and beauty products, and then build a list of customers who are interested in purchasing your products. Then, when they visit your website, they can purchase what they want from you, and then you will be paid for the sale. This is something not only convenient, but it also helps increase your profit margin.

Whitelabel Reseller program

The website will have a listing for the item that you want to sell, along with the details of how much that particular item is worth. The customers can choose to buy it or not, if they don’t feel comfortable with the price that you are offering. You will also have the option of adding other items to the website. For example, if you want to sell hair products, but you have another type of product that would work best with the customers, you may include the two items together. When you have the customers visiting your website, you are sure to generate sales on an everyday basis.

There are many business owners out there who would like to sell items online. To find out more about Whitelabel reseller services, you should consider using a search engine, like Google. Simply type in keywords related to your desired business niche, like “Whitelabel reseller programs” to see what comes up. Then, browse through the results and look for websites that are dedicated to selling products like yours. Once you find these sites, you can start selling your items and notice an increase in your profit margins.

Frequently Asked Questions about Whitelabel Reseller:

How does your whitelabel reseller plan works?

Ans: You can order any of our required reseller plan and you get the mentioned recurring % discount every time you order or renew any service. We offer 3 best whitelabel reseller programs so you can start from 1st plan and later can switch to higher plan, if required in the near future.

What makes WebJi® whitelabel reseller plan different as compared with other providers?

Ans: Our Rocketfast support is our USP. In addition to listed pricing discount, we have 24x7x365 fast support services online and our Platinum reseller even get live chat support also included at no additional cost. We want our reseller wins business and trust in their end client’s business relations so that it shall be worthy for everyone in the network.

Do you provide support services to my customers?

Ans: No we provide support services to you as a reseller and you need to invoice, bill, collect payments and provide support to your end users from your end. Our team is always online and happy to assist you as a reseller for anything anytime.

You are already offering some discount on some of the services then why I shall pay for reseller plan?

Ans: Occasionally we may have timely offers and discount going on over store, but reseller wins there too. WebJi do not offer recurring discount that is for resellers only. Also if the % of discount is higher of reseller plan than the offered one on our store then the higher discount % is applicable as required.

Is there any long term commitment required?

Ans: NO. With our reseller plan you have to renew the reseller ac every month or annual basis based on your billing preferences. So as far as you renew the reseller plan you gets the % discount that’s the only difference.

How reseller places the order?

Ans: Anytime any service order required just send one email at support@webji.services and our team will add the order and create required proforma invoice etc.