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The service of email hosting is a type of Internet hosting service which is available on email servers. In simpler meaning it can be understood as just similar to a web hosting service that makes a website live on the internet, similarly a service of this kind of hosting makes email services live in the world of internet.

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It is typically a premium email service and gives you the option of advertisement supported emails and webmail’s. This means the email service will advertise your business firm but it requires some amount of money from you. This implies this service is differing from general webmail sites which provide end-user emails. The general webmail sites like Yahoo and Google provides you domain name ending with their names such as example@gmail.com or example@ymail.com, hence you cannot advertise your business through your email id. This type of general email services by webmail sites are typically used by small or mid size business firms while big enterprises run their personal email services such as jobs@organization.org. Further this is a very common task done by these big industries to advertise themselves. That is by using the service of this kind of hosting your email id will also contribute in the advertisement of your business firm and will increase its market reputation.

Hence it can be concluded that the service of email hosting set up one’s personal identity. In addition to this, there are several other benefits such as certified email address with personal domain names and many more. These services are as follows:

1. Access to secure webmail service
In such services, the hosting company uses 128-bit encryption technique. These encryption techniques are very important in order to maintain the security of email content. By using this encryption technique the content of email changes to Ciphertext which is not readable by normal techniques. The client companies are given some specific private decryption key. By using this decryption key the certified company can only see the message.

2. Secure POP and IMAP access

The POP and IMAP enable the use of desktop email clients for one’s email needs. POP refers to Post Office Protocol and IMAP refers to the Internet Message Access Protocol. Both of these services give secure access to the email access services. By using these services all traffic of communication gets encrypted which includes the data transfers between email clients and mail server. Most popular email clients such as Eudora, Microsoft Outlook Express, Apple Mail and Mozilla Thunderbird are currently using the service of secure POP and IMAP access.

3. Sufficient Storage Space

By using email services, the use is benefited with a good amount of memory space that would be used for email storage. A user can select these services according to memory space which he requires. Some providers give storage space in Mega Bytes (MB) whereas some provides Giga Bytes (GB) of storage space.

Hence using these email hosting services will give wings to your business as you and your clients are more concerned about the security of emails. Further this will add to your company’s reputation as you have a personal domain name that prove your firms authenticity.

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