Advantages of VPS Server India by WebJi®

The benefits of a VPS server in India: Today’s economy is very fast paced and the infrastructure for online is constantly growing. But with each new trend there is always a corresponding counter-trend to keep the pace up. The most beneficial thing about VPS hosting is the fact that it can be set up at a fraction of the cost of dedicated hosting or dedicated servers. There are plenty of reasons for this and here they are:

A VPS Server India can be set up in minutes, compared to a week’s wait for dedicated servers. The advantages of VPS are: The first advantage of VPS is the ease with which it can be set up in India. Setting up a VPS in India is easier than setting up a dedicated server.

Linux VPS
NVMe Storage
(upto 30x faster than SATA)
1400 / Per Month
CentOS / Debian / Ubuntu OS
SSD, NVMe Storage Options
Europe VPS @ 1Gbps options
Indian VPS @ 100Mbps options
Europe & India Locations
Price starts as low as INR 1400 per month
Windows VPS
NVMe Storage
(upto 30x faster than SATA)
1400 / Per Month
Windows 2012 R2 / 2016 / 2019 OS
SSD, NVMe Storage Options
Europe VPS @ 1Gbps options
Indian VPS @ 100Mbps options
Europe & India Locations
Price starts as low as INR 1100 per month

The second advantage of using a VPS is that it offers multiple virtual servers within a single physical host. In other words, the hardware configuration and software settings of the VPS are completely separated from the physical hardware.

The third advantage of using VPS is that the VPS software itself is very cheap to purchase and use. In fact, the only cost incurred is that of purchasing a domain name and a hosting account.

The fourth advantage of using a VPS is that the server in India provides you with access to many more services than what would be available to you if you used dedicated servers. This includes not only bandwidth but also the ability to install third party applications that run on top of the Linux operating system.

The fifth and final advantage of having your own VPS in India is that you are provided with an entire virtualized infrastructure that is fully managed. so you are free to focus your time and attention on other aspects of your business.

Best VPS Hosting Provider in India

There are numerous companies that offer VPS server providers in India and all of them have their own strengths and weaknesses. It is therefore vital that you take some time to review the merits and demerits of each company before signing up with them.

A VPS is that the cost per GB of data transfer is much lower. If you have a larger website or application that needs to transfer large amounts of data every month then a dedicated server may be the best option for you. On the other hand, if you need a smaller website that only has a few files then a VPS will be ideal.

VPS Server IndiaWhy To Choose A VPS Server?

VPS hosting comes with its own operating system, which means that it runs completely on Linux. Thus, the only operating cost of the server is that of the server and there is no need for any maintenance or configuration to be done. The reason a shared hosting is the least expensive is that it is dependent upon the operating system that is chosen.

Another advantage is that a VPS is faster than other operating systems. However, the operating system that is chosen should be Linux because it is highly configurable. In most cases a Linux server can be configured to provide high speed.

A VPS is the amount of security provided by the hardware itself. Unlike shared servers where someone else can use the different purpose, a dedicated VPS server is entirely dedicated to one individual or application.

Shared Hosting Vs VPS – Which One Is Better For Your Business?

Most businesses prefer a dedicated Web hosting plan for shared hosting v/s VPS Server. When a business uses this option, the company owns the server and it’s dedicated to hosting only a single site. Although this type of service has its merits, it does have some disadvantages as well. If you want a fully managed web hosting solution, one easy to install, keep going, and secure, you should consider using a VPS.

The biggest advantage of using shared hosting is that more than one person can manage a host. If there are problems with a single server, the entire server can be brought down. This is not the case when using a VPS. This server can be maintained by a single person, who knows all the details about the server.

Another important advantage of using VPS is the price that is cheaper than dedicated hosting plans. With shared hosting, you may pay a monthly fee to your hosting service provider for usage of the server. If you choose VPS, you can easily purchase the server as well as other tools required to maintain and manage the server.

What Is a Virtual Private Server and Its Importance For High Traffic Websites?

A virtual private server (VPS) is a common type of website hosting and it’s actually beneficial for all kinds of websites. There are some people who might be saying that this type of hosting is too expensive, but the fact that is the cost of a VPS server and other kinds of web hosting is reasonable. The idea is that a person who is trying to get the cheapest hosting is not going to have the most features in his website. But what the cost of these services is, you have to understand it before you even decide on whether you want one.

One thing that many people might wonder about when they hear about VPS servers is what they are for. Basically, a virtual private server is an extremely easy way for a person to have a secure, reliable and low-cost solution for a website without having to put up with the more complicated setups that are typically associated with a site like WordPress, etc. These are often called “install-and-forget” sites, and they’re a lot less complicated and have a lot less maintenance than sites like these.

In short, VPS servers are an effective way to have a website. This article should have given you a basic idea of what they are and why they’re important for websites. If you want to learn more about them and why you might want one, there are many famous sites on the Internet that you can check out.

How to Find the Best VPS Service Provider To Host Your Websites in India?

When it comes to the question on how to find the best VPS service provider to host your website in India, there are many people who are not sure of the answers. However, there is one way for you to find the answers to all your queries about how to find the best VPS service provider to host your website in India. The best way to start is to look online for the different service providers and then to get their websites. You can view their services and the reviews they receive from other people and then you will understand that among them can give you the best services. After which you may decide what company can offer you the best deal that will suit your needs.

Importance of VPS server backups

It would also help if you would find out if the VPS host company has any backup facility in place so that you could easily restore your website if anything goes wrong during your server maintenance.The next step is to go and find a website builder that can help you in creating a website with the features that you want and then how to find the best VPS service provider to host your websites in India? Once you are done with this task, you can upload all the necessary documents and images and then you can upload the content on your website. You can have your website up and running within no time and this is how to find the best VPS service provider to host your websites in India.

Frequently asked questions about VPS Server India plans

What makes WebJi® the best VPS provider in India?

24×7 Technical Support, 99.5% or higher network uptime, NVMe drives storage option, Multiple locations of servers possible – US, EU & India.

How much it cost to buy a VPS server with you?

We offer very reasonably priced vps server and plans starts as low as below INR 1500 a month.

Do you offer managed VPS?

Yes, managed support is included when ordered server with Plesk or cPanel control panel.

Do you offer Indian location vps server?

Yes, India location VPS are available at WebJi®.

Do you offer good uptime with vps server?

Yes, all of our vps server comes with 99.5% or higher network uptime.

What OS you provide with vps servers?

WebJi® offers both Windows & Linux based vps servers.

What database options are available with your vps?

WebJi® offers servers with both MySQL & MSSQL options based on your OS.

I have some more pre-sales queries about your vps server, where shall I contact?

WebJi® offered 24×7 technical support via email at or you shall feel free to speak to our sales team during IST office hrs at +91 141 4941811.

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