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Managed VPS Server India at B4U

At WebJi® we also offer cheap India location VPS server packages start as low as Rs. 2600 per month only. With our India location VPS server we do offer various free or paid add-ons such as Managed technical support free with Control Panel admin purchased, Remote R1soft backup add-on, 24*7 hrs technical support, 99% network uptime and VPS servers are setup with RAID-10 disk array to ensure optimal data security and performance. All paid add-ons are optional for the customer to decide if customers want to buy the same or not.

Linux VPS

VPS server with CentOS/ Ubuntu + 24x7 technical support and monitoring.
Cheap Managed Linux / Windows VPS Server India 1
  • Cheap Managed Linux / Windows VPS Server India 1
Rs. 1800/mo. Starts as low as

Windows VPS

VPS server with Windows 2012 R2 / 2016 OS + 24x7 technical support and monitoring.
Cheap Managed Linux / Windows VPS Server India 1
  • Cheap Managed Linux / Windows VPS Server India 1
Rs. 1800/mo. Starts as low as

Need of VPS Server India even if Dedicated Hosting options are available

A dedicated server is a server that is dedicated to one customer only. Dedicated servers are by and large said to become more secure than VPS. Since VPS server is much cheaper as compared to dedicated server is shared between multiple users, as an alternative to using one server for just one website. So, although you aren’t utilizing a dedicated server, you’re pretty much getting every one of the features and flexibility provided by a dedicated server. Shared hosting may not be ideal individuals websites that receive a high amount of traffic. In such instances, obtaining a VPS server India might also be worthwhile.

VPS Server IndiaOn a Virtual Private Server, you’re allotted resources which are not shared by everyone. With shared hosting servers, you’re limited. The main difference is the fact that the allocated server could be the whole server that is assigned personally for your website, vps offers isolation of your site from various other sources that are located on an identical server. For a good example, as soon as a server is broken up into different components and every part is allocated to various organizations or individuals, it really is popularly known as a virtualized server. It supplies independence within the other shared server in addition to cost under the devoted server. While the resources continue to be shared, as below the time-sharing model, virtualization stipulates a higher degree of security, based on the sort of virtualization used, as the individual virtual servers are mainly isolated from one another and may run their particular full-fledged operating system that can be independently rebooted as a virtual instance.

Have a look at the available VPS server plans from here, and begin making your web empire today. For this particular, you must opt for much more powerful hosting solutions. Nonetheless, it’s not merely an amazing strategy to only select the cheapest hosting service. Still, it is not an excellent strategy to only obtain the most economical hosting service.

Price won’t be considered as a factor to pick out a decent web hosting service. It’s extra options for your own web hosting service. It is really easy to choose the web hosting provider online. This is among the most valuable services that you’re going to receive from a web hosting provider. Therefore, it is important to learn your requirement first after which choose the best hosting solutions. It’s safer to make sure that the hosting service is helpful.

If your plan is to develop a site and you would like to earn money with it, VPS server India is probably the best option for you. VPS hosting is among the top methods to host a web site online at reasonable price tag. There are lots of natural step to follow to attain an excellent web hosting plan. Oftentimes, selecting the most suitable host is more essential than picking out the right hosting plan. Even when you cannot afford it, in the beginning, your primary hosting goal needs to be to upgrade to VPS hosting whenever possible.

Our VPS Server India – Addons

Managed Support Addons

Unmanaged Server (Hardware & Networking Support only) = FREE

24*7 Hrs. Technical Support via email = Rs. 300/month

Control Panel & Control Panel Addons

Plesk Web Admin License (up to 10 Domains) = Rs. 300/month

Plesk Web App License (Up to 5 Web Applications) = Rs. 420/month

Plesk Web Pro License (up to 30 Domains) = Rs. 520/month

Plesk Web Host License (Unlimited Domains) = Rs. 850/month

cPanel Control Panel (for Linux OS) = Rs. 950/month

Note: Due to security and technical stability reasons we do not offer any free control panel software as at WebJi® we deal with premium and paid control panel options only to ensure best & secure services.

Daily Remote Backups (on Different Data Center Location for Optimal Backup Safety)

Daily R1soft Remote backup on remote server = Rs. 750/month

Important Notes:

  • Above noted all prices will have 18% GST additionally applicable on Indian customers only.
  • Base price of our billing system is in INR (Indian Rupee) thus above noted USD prices are approximate value of our services based on 1 USD =65 INR. However at time of placing order in USD on our website, conversion rates are decided based on latest conversion rates.

Acceptable VPS Usages:

We are sorry we cannot host every customer since we have some restriction about our Indian location VPS Server usages we have these kind of restrictions to ensure that all of our India location VPS customers are satisfied with the reliability and performance of our Indian VPS servers. By having the following kind of usages prohibited on our VPS server we will be able to offer you abuse/ trouble-free services 24*7 hrs as required by every one of us.

Not allowed:

  • VPS Server for Gaming server purpose
  • Digital Currency Mining
  • Public Proxy’s/VPN
  • TOR
  • Torrents
  • Mass mail/SPAM
  • Hate speech websites
  • Anything illegal in the India or as under any International Law

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