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Protect your important data with Virus attacks or Hardware Failure

Today post ransomeware, wannacry and all massive virus attack our easy to use online cloud backup tool helps you to backup in compressed backup format to our cloud backup storage. Also comes with 30% one time discount. Give it a try today and sleep well 🙂

Basic Package
$10 monthly
  • 2500 Contacts
  • 8000 Email
  • 20 Specialities
  • 1 Assistance
  • 10GB Bandwidth
Standard Package
$30 monthly
  • 5000 Contacts
  • 10000 Email
  • 30 Specialities
  • 2 Assistance
  • 20GB Bandwidth
Business Package
$50 monthly
  • 8000 Contacts
  • 12000 Email
  • 50 Specialities
  • 5 Assistance
  • 50GB Bandwidth
Advanced Package
$90 monthly
  • 10000 Contacts
  • 15000 Email
  • 100 Specialities
  • 10 Assistance
  • 100GB Bandwidth

Note: Base price of our billing system is in INR (Indian Rupee) thus above noted USD prices are only estimated approximate value of our services in USD. Thus at time of placing order in USD on our website actual conversion rates are decided based on latest that time conversion rates by our billing system as required.

Question: How your backup system works?
Answer: Once you placed the order and paid for the same. After that our sales team will manually review and process your order. We will send you an email with following queries:
1. Speed of your internet line
2. Your working time on computers when you are mostly online.
3. Location of all of your those folders which you think are very important for you?

Once you provided the required details then after our technical team will remote create your custom required automatic backup plan.


Question: Is it complicated to start using it?
Answer: No! its not complicated. Since our team will ask you to install the backup software with provided user name password entered in it after installation. That’s it. As our technical team will remotely create the required backup plan.


Question: What is set and forget backup?
Answer: Our backup system is a set and forgets type. As no human intervention required in general from customer’s end. The backup tasks always run in the background so you can just do your routine computer work and in back the data is daily being backup to our cloud backup storage.


Question: How WebJi® Online Backups can help with virus attack or hardware failure issues?
Answer: Anytime your computer gets hacked or infected with a malware or even any hardware failure on your PC or laptop. Just contact our technical team via email at support@webji.in, and they will help you to get your data restored back on your computer/laptop which is available on our cloud backup storage.


Question: Will you help me to recover data for accidentally deleted folders?

Answer: Yes, anytime if you have accidentally deleted any files or folders then send an email to support@webji.in with list of folders which you want to restore and our techs will restore the same remotely as required.


Question: Which operating system it support?

Answer: At present we support desktop/laptop OS – Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10. For servers we support Windows 2008, 2012, 2016.


Question: Do you offer bulk order discount?

Answer: Yes for any bulk purchase requirements you can feel free to contact our sales team seniors at support@webji.in


Question: Do you offer white-label reseller options?

Answer: It is planned to launch very soon.


Question: Is there a free trial?

Answer: No we don’t offer free trial. However, all services are as under our 30 days refund policy period in case you are not satisfied with the service then pro-rata refunds during 30 days period can be issued for remaining unused service period.


Question: How to download the backup software?

Answer: Once you ordered and paid for the service then after our sales team will manually review the order and will send you to download link to download the backup software as well as other instructions about how to have online backup activated.


Question: Do I need technical knowledge to create a backup plan or for restore?

Answer: No, its not required to be a technical expert as the backup system is designed with kept simplicity and automatisation in mind. As backup plan and restore tasks will be executed and managed by our techs, and backup itself is an automatic function once configured.


Question: How I will backup my critical data?

Answer: Our team will ask you for the important folder which you want to backup and once backup software installed we will configure the required backup plan. Everyday it will auto execute and transfer the differential new data to online cloud storage in compressed file format and will also send you required reports on the same via email.


Question: How restore will be provided for any data backups if anytime required?

Answer: You can contact our technical team at support@webji.in and mention which folder you want to restore. It’s that easy. The only thing you need to make sure is to keep your computer and internet line online during the restore process.


Question: How is my storage measured?

Answer: We store backups in the compressed format, so it occupies lesser disk space than actual disk size.


Question: Do I have to backup the entire computer or specifically required folders only possible?

Answer: This depends on which plan you order. At present, for home or desktop or laptop users, we offer files/folder level automatic remote backup on cloud storage. However, for servers with dedicated IP on it, we do also provide full image based system backups.


Question: How do I place the order?

Answer: You can place order online on our website of required backup plan and pay for the same online.


Question: How long will it take to process my order?

Answer: Generally orders are processed within 1-2 business days by our sales team. However most of the orders are processed same business day.


Question: Is my data secure with WebJi® Cloud backups?

Answer: Yes, all data is stored in encrypted format.


Question: What is your refund policy?

Answer: We have 30 days refund policy as mentioned in details at https://webji.in/refund-policy/


Question: I am from India can I buy the services?

Answer: Yes you can order online on our website and can pay online or offline as per your preferences.


Question: I am outside India can I still buy services?

Answer: Yes you can still order and international customers can pay via Credit Card / PayPal. Since we offer online backup services anyone throughout the world can order and use the services online.


Question: What happens if I do not renew my account timely?

Answer: Your backup software will be auto uninstalled from your computer, and your existing backup data will be deleted in case if not renewed timely. So please ensure to renew timely basis to continue the uninterrupted services.


Question: Can I order cloud backup service under same billing account with you?

Answer: Yes


Question: How many orders I can place in same billing account?

Answer: We don’t limit it so you can place as many as the order you want under same billing ac.


Question: How many computers I can backup per order?

Answer: One computer per order.


Question: How will I know backups properly running?

Answer: Everyday whenever the backup task runs it will send you required a report of success or failure mail the same will inform you about backup was completed successfully or not. Anytime you find any error message with backup task make sure to inform timely to our support team at support@webji.in


Question: How will I know if the backup fails for any technical reason?

Answer: Via daily backup report via email.


Question: What I have to do in case if I get backup failure mail?

Answer: Make sure to right away contact our support team at support@webji.in so that our technical team can check and suggest you.


Question: Will it use very high bandwidth from my internet line?

Answer: In general No, based on your internet speed we can have the speed of backups changed to lower or higher depending on requirements.


Question: What if my internet line is slower?

Answer: Share the current internet speed to us we will decide backup speed limit accordingly.


Question: Will it transfer all data every day to cloud server?

Answer: It will backup only those folders which you provide us for backup. So if you need all folders to backup then make sure to buy cloud backup plan accordingly.


Question: How frequent you will run the backups?

Answer: Bydefault it will be set to Daily. However if you want can be set weekly or bi-weekly thats upto you.


Question: What if someday my computer is offline will backup still work?

Answer: No, the backup will run the very next time you are online.


Question: Will it compress the backup data or it will copy files/folders as it is?

Answer: Yes correct. It will compress backup files so that it takes less space used to store the same.


Question: For how many days you will keep my data backups with you?

Answer: Generally 30days. However, this can be changed based on customer’s requirement.


Question: What if I don’t want to have 30 days retention policy?

Answer: Contact our technical team at support@webji.in, and our technical team will check and edit the same as per your requirements.


Question: How can I schedule a backup?

Answer: Simply send an email to support@webji.in and mention your list of folders which you want to backup.


Question: Is there a way to receive an alert in case my backup fails?

Answer: Yes via email the same will be sent.


Question: What is an incremental backup?

Answer: Incremental backup means for the first day all the data will be backup however from next day onwards only changed or new files part will be copied.


Question: Can I exclude certain file types from backup?

Answer: Yes you can but for this share us list of files you want to exclude from backups.


Question: What if I have used all my available disk space for a backup plan?
ans: You can upgrade to higher disk plan anytime by sending an email to support@webji.in

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