Advantages and Disadvantages Of Online Backups

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Online backups are now common in offices, homes, and small businesses. It is the best way to ensure that your files and information are always safe. The first thing to consider when choosing an online backup service is whether or not the company offers virus detection and protection. Some companies charge you for a full scan of your computer every month, while others pay only if they find something wrong with your computer.

If you’re careful about what you share with your online backup service, it’s worth it. It’s very easy to accidentally delete something important, especially when you don’t always back up your files. In fact, you shouldn’t even worry about losing your files on your computer because their online backup service has a backup generator. It takes care of all your backups for you. You no longer have to worry about losing all your work.

By using an online backup service, you no longer have to experience backups that were never created. With just a few mouse clicks, you can access a full online backup server as long as your computer has Internet access. Even if you don’t have internet access, you can still access your backup files online. It is as simple as going to the website and clicking “backup” directly on the screen. The site will take care of everything for you and your data will be safe.

Additionally, online backup software offers many options for accessing and backing up data. Whether you want to store your important documents and photos on your online backup service or want to access your backup data from any computer in the world, the software lets you choose which option works best for you. One of the most valuable tools in an online backup service is the ability to schedule online backups. The software can check system problems and notify you when your next backup is scheduled.

You can also monitor your system and see what happens to your online backup tool. You can set a specific time of day when you want to check the online backup tool and the software helps prevent loss of important files. An online backup service can be configured to create backups on a regular basis. This means that if there is a power outage or a problem with your computer that is not allowing you to back up, you will not lose any files.

An online backup service is ideal for a home office, as you can generally access your files whenever you want. You no longer need to access your files through your home computer, which is a great advantage when there are many people working on your files. As you can see, an online backup service can be useful for anyone who works on the Internet. If you’re in the office or office, an online backup service is a smart investment.

Protect Your Important Data With Virus Attacks Or Hardware Failure

Today, publish Ransomware, WannaCry and all the massive virus attacks, our easy-to-use online cloud backup tool helps you back up in a compressed backup format to our cloud backup archive. There are many different options for online backups. These services are available in many different ways, and while you may pay a single commission for a particular service, you are likely to get additional services that could cost you more money. Each person’s digital lifestyle is different. It is no longer a problem to use different providers at the same time, as you have different needs for each service. Some of these providers can only store a certain amount of data, while others allow unlimited archiving. This gives you a variety of options on which service best suits your needs.

It is important to understand the differences between the different types of online backup services available. It is also important to decide which provider is right for you so that you can have a computer protected by a safe and efficient service. The cost of having disk space used by the Internet is called storage. Archiving is essentially used to archive files that you want to keep or access later. This may include files that have been sent to you as email attachments or scanned documents. Disk space may vary depending on the company and how they manage their data.

The amount of memory used and the amount of data stored will vary depending on the amount of memory stored and the monthly cost. Monthly commissions are something that is paid based on the amount of data saved, transferred and accessible each month. Many companies offer this so that monthly charges can be the same for all of their customers, regardless of the amount of data stored and accessible. Encryption is a process that can help ensure the security of data when it is stored on the Internet. It is used to prevent unauthorized people from accessing the data in the event of data loss or theft. Encryption can be performed to protect and protect data stored in the form of an electronic file.

This ensures that all data sent or archived is completely secure. File destruction allows the destruction of all files that you no longer need to access. This process ensures that there are no files that can be used for access in the event of a system crash. What one person might consider the best will not be the best for another person. While the customer is responsible for ensuring that their data is safe and secure, the company is responsible for providing the best of its services.

Choosing The Best Online Backup Services

Choose the best online backup services to meet your needs. This means that it is necessary to examine the different providers, their prices and the different levels of service. You should know what you are looking for to ensure you get the most reliable online backup services. You can’t rely on free services alone because chances are they will lose data before you have a chance to see the entire file. Therefore, you need to know what you need to protect and what you want to keep. Obviously, you need storage space. But you should also access your files every time you need to use them.

If you are concerned about data theft, you should know that free online backup services are probably not protected by someone who is a data thief. They are not likely to prevent data loss because they don’t even have backup plans for it. With paid services, you should know that they are in place for data loss. They are there to prevent this from happening, not just when you lose a single file.

Next, you need to examine your level of security. As mentioned above, these providers are not just to offer a service. They are doing it for a reason and that is the safet

Online Backups

y of their clients. You should feel comfortable, and this is only possible if you know that your data is protected. It doesn’t matter how good a plan is, if the provider is unsure, it doesn’t matter how much your data is stored.

You can also choose the best online backup services based on the bandwidth you want to use. This is very important to anyone who owns a website, blog, or regularly uses file-sharing technology. On the other hand, if you use a provider that is more than willing to provide you with all the bandwidth you need, you can be sure that your server and your data will be protected. This means you don’t have to worry about losing data because you simply can’t access it anymore. If you are concerned about protecting your data and your

server, it is always a good decision to invest in the best online backup services you can find. Not only are they safe, but they also ensure that your data is safe from thieves and hackers.

Note: The base price of our billing system is in INR (Indian Rupee), therefore the prices shown above in USD are only the approximate value of our services in USD. Therefore, when ordering in USD on our website, actual conversion rates are decided based on the latest conversion rates from our billing system, as needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does your backup system work?

Answer: once you have placed your order and paid for it. Then our sales team will review and process your order manually. We will send you an email with the following questions:
1. Speed ​​of your internet line
2. Your work hours on computers when you are primarily online.
3. Location of all those folders that you think are very important to you?

After providing the required details, after which our technical team will remotely create the custom requested automatic backup plan.

Is it difficult to start using it?

Answer: no! It’s not complicated. Since our team will ask you to install the backup software with the supplied username password entered after installation. That’s it. Because our technical team will remotely create the requested backup plan.

What is configured and forget about the backup?

Answer: Our backup system is a set and forgets the type. Since no general human intervention is required from the client. Backup tasks are always done in the background, so you can simply do normal computer work and data is backed up daily in our cloud backup file on the back.

How can WebJi® online backups help with virus attack problems or hardware failure?

Answer: Whenever your computer is hacked or infected with malware or even any hardware failure on your PC or laptop. Contact our technical team by email at and they will help you restore the data on your computer/laptop, available in our cloud backup file.

Will they help me recover data from accidentally deleted folders?

Answer: Yes, at any time if you have accidentally deleted files or folders, please email with the list of folders you want to restore and our technicians will restore the same operations remotely as needed.

What operating system is supported?

Answer: We currently support the desktop/laptop operating system: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10. For servers, we support Windows 2008, 2012, 2016.

Do you offer a discount for bulk orders?

Answer: Yes, for any wholesale purchase requirements, you can contact the elders of our sales team at

Is there a free trial?

Answer: No, we do not offer a free trial version. However, all services fall under our 30-day refund policy in case you are not satisfied with the service, so you can issue proportional refunds during the 30-day period for the remaining unused service period.

How to download backup software?

Answer: After ordering and paying for the service, our sales team will manually review the order and send you the link to download the backup software, as well as other instructions on how to activate online backup.

Do I need technical knowledge to create a backup plan or to restore?

Answer: No, you do not need to be a technical expert as the backup system is designed with simplicity and automation in mind. Since backup plans and recovery activities will be performed and managed by our technicians and the backup itself will be an automatic function once configured.

How can I back up my critical data?

Answer: Our team will ask you for the important folder you want to back up and once the backup software is installed we will configure the required backup plan. Each day it will automatically execute and transfer the new differential data to the online cloud storage space in compressed file format and will send the required reports therein by email.

How will recovery be provided for any data backup if needed?

Answer: You can contact our technical team at and mention the folder you want to restore. It is easy. The only thing to be sure of is to keep your computer and internet online during the recovery process.

How is my memory measured?

Answer: We store backups in a compressed format, so it takes up less disk space than the actual size of the disk.

Do I have to back up the entire computer or are only specifically requested folders possible?

Answer: It depends on the plan you request. We currently offer remote folder/file level automatic backups for cloud storage for home or desktop or laptop users. However, for dedicated IP servers, we also offer full image-based system backups.

How can I make my order?

Answer: You can order online from our requested backup plan website and pay for it online.

How long will it take to process my order?

Answer: Our sales team generally processes orders within 1-2 business days. However, most orders are processed the same business day.

Is my data safe with WebJi® Cloud backups?

Answer: Yes, all data is stored in an encrypted format.

I come from India, can I buy the services?

Answer: Yes, you can order online on our website and pay online or offline according to your preferences.

I am outside of India, can I continue to buy services?

Answer: Yes, you can still order, and international customers can pay by credit card/PayPal. Since we offer online backup services, anyone worldwide can order and use online services.

What happens if I don’t renew my account immediately?

Answer: Backup software will be automatically uninstalled from your computer and existing backup data will be removed if not refreshed quickly. So be sure to renew the timely basis to continue uninterrupted services.

Can I request a cloud backup service with the same billing account as you?

Answer: Yes

How many orders can I make in the same billing account?

Answer: We do not limit it so that you can place the desired order number on the same billing.

How many computers can I backup per order?

Answer: one computer per request.

How do I know if the backups work correctly?

Answer: Every time the backup job is done, you will be sent a positive or negative request report, it will inform you that the backup has been completed successfully or not. Whenever you encounter an error message with the backup job, be sure to report it immediately to our support team at

How do I know if the backup fails for some technical reason?

Answer: Through a daily email support report.

What should I do if I receive an error message on the backup?

Answer: Be sure to contact our support team immediately at so that our technical team can verify and suggest to you.

Will you use a very high bandwidth of my Internet line?

Answer: Generally, no, depending on the speed of your Internet connection, the backup speed can be changed to lower or higher depending on your needs.

What happens if my internet line is slower?

Answer: Share the current internet speed with us, we will decide the backup speed limit accordingly.

Will you transfer all data every day to the cloud server?

Answer: You will only back up the folders that you provide for the backup. So if you need all the folders for backup, be sure to buy the cloud backup plan accordingly.

How often will you make backups?

Answer: By default, it will be set to Daily. However, if desired, it can be configured weekly or biweekly.

What if one day my computer is offline the backup will continue to work?

Answer: No, the backup will be done on the next online connection.

Will it compress the backup data or copy the files/folders as is?

Answer: Yes, correct. Compress backup files to take up less space to store them.

How many days will I keep my data backups with you?

Answer: Generally 30 days. However, this can be changed according to the customer’s needs.

What if I don’t want to have a 30-day retention policy?

Answer: Please contact our technical team at and our technical team will review and modify it according to your needs.

How can I schedule a backup?

Answer: Just send an email to and mention your list of folders you want to back up.

Is there a way to get an alert in case my backup fails?

Answer: Yes, the same will be sent by email.

What is an incremental backup?

Answer: Incremental backup means that all data will be backed up for the first day, but only the modified or new files will be modified from the next day.

Can I exclude certain types of files from the backup?

Answer: Yes, but you can share this list of files that you want to exclude from backups.

What if I have used all the available disk space for a backup plan?

Answer: You can upgrade to the top deck of the disk at any time by sending an email to

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