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Some ideas about how to spend 21 days during Lockdown period in India of 21 days..

Hi there! myself Anand Maheshwari as we know our Prime Minister sir have announced a 21 days lockdown in entire nation thus I thought to write you some suggestions on how we can better spend these 21 days, here are some of my suggestions:

1. Watch movie – without fights, no horror movies etc

2. Listen to music – don’t listen hard to ear music, better make habit of any instrumental ones, I prefer the violin for good and mantra recitation things…for good..

3. Spend time with family – try to “make and play” home made games, take ideas from Youtube on how to play or plan indoor at home with family

4. listen to any good motivational speeches about life – atleast for 30 min a day

5. Do some guided meditation – lots of video you can find on youtube for it, if you can follow this step will be awasome

6. Join Amazon kindle app they gives you so many books to read so be a reader in this 21 days.

Above all know that everyone loves you, and you are with your family even if not with your family at the moment then too you knows that your family loves you so much How to spend 21 days at home during Lockdown in India - by Anand Maheshwari 1 so all is good and will be for good.

These 21 days you can not only keep yourself and your family safe but also can better prepare yourself for your rest of your life…

Dear PM Sir Narendra Modi Thank you sir for giving us a vision to make India healthy, and thank you for all your suggestions today for safety of citizens of our Great Nation – our India. We being responsible citizens will be with your efforts we promise it sir 🙏

Jai Swaminarayan!
Anand Maheshwari

Link to Facebook post https://www.facebook.com/anand.maheshwari.334/posts/3089929767686975

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