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If there is anything which is very important for an organization than it is undoubtedly email hosting. At the present time the people like to communicate with the companies with the help of emails. People today prefer the option to email more than calling in the company. But that doesn’t mean you do not require a phone number in your organization. Both the telephone and emails have their equal importance and requirement in the company.

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All the email hosting companies are not same. There are some which will only offer you an email account and no other additional information. While there are those which offers their clients free tools like spam filters, anti-virus to protect you from viruses, security and mobile support and so on.

What are the important factors which you should be looking for in a hosting provider? Well here is the list of the important factors:

The first and the most important factor is the security. Security is an important issue as a lot of important data is transferred over the mails. If you are taking the services of an email hosting provider then you must look at the security services which it is offering. All the messages that are sent and received must go through the encryption process. The authentication must be multiple layered. Email Host Company must also keep the IP’s updated on a regular basis.

The second thing is to keep in mind is the uptime. High uptime means the email account will keep running online and will serve its purpose 99.9%. There is no email hosting company which can provide you with 100% uptime. But a company providing uptime close to 100% is much better. Downtime should never last for more a few minutes. Few business email hosting providers even offer compensation if they are not able to come up with the downtime.

The third factor is protection from spam and virus. These days the spam mails can slip through anything. It is impossible to prevent the attack of the spam mails 100%. For this reason you need an email account which offers you the best protection against the virus and spam protection.

The fourth factor is management. You can go to the business email accounts that include updates and backup of the emails. Let the hosting provider take care of the hassles included in the management of the email accounts.

There are few bonus features which you can receive if the best business email hosting provider is reliable. The list of a few features is mentioned here:

  • Tools to share the files and documents
  • Synchronizing the schedule of the employees with calendar
  • Ability to provide the facility to use the email programs like Outlook
  • Mobile Support
  • Remote Access
  • Tools for syncing the calendars, contacts and emails

If we talk about the mobile support it will cost you a little extra but it’s worth the cost. This option will let you access the email from your mobile devices like Android, I phone and Blackberry.

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