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As a Cloud hosting India company we offer Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS). If secure cloud hosting is a significant concern for you, make sure that you start looking for businesses that provide an SSL certificate. At a small fraction of costs, you can have an SSL certificate for your domain name hosted with us. We offer free managed support with the cloud server and managed hosting can enable you to overcome some the bigger technical hurdles involved with making the transition to Cloud Hosting from another sort of hosting solution.

Linux VPS

VPS server with CentOS/ Ubuntu + 24x7 technical support and monitoring.
Rs. 1800/mo. Starts as low as

Windows VPS

VPS server with Windows 2012 R2 / 2016 OS + 24x7 technical support and monitoring.
Rs. 1800/mo. Starts as low as

What is a cloud server offered by B4U India and how does it work?

B4U India offers cloud server powered by OpenStack KVM technology, to ensure that server customer gets the dedicated system resources. Unlike some other virtualization technologies benefits of KVM is reselling of system resources in not possible. Our cloud servers are setup over High availability storage in which your data is copied on three different RAID arrays to assure the optimal reliability of data stored on your cloud server with us.

Our Cloud Server India packages supply an ideal solution to the majority of web applications. We even offer free 10 domains allowed Plesk control panel with every cloud server hosting India and as far you order Cloud server with us with control panel add free managed support is offered (Limited time offer).

The most common interface for cloud servers is known as a cPanel and Plesk control panel. With our cloud hosting in India server you can not only get Plesk 10 domains hosting allowed license for free but also you can order cPanel control panel with Linux-based cloud VPS if in case cPanel is preferred by you instead of Plesk panel for any reasons.

Clouds need robust and trustworthy software to supply consistent performance and scalability. A cloud can only be like the hardware and software, it’s built upon. At B4U India we do not compromise with Quality of infrastructure for the sake of our customer’s services hosted with us.

For an instance, if you are employing an internet server, you ought to be aware of the characteristics and infrastructure of the hosting providers. Cloud services may be a significant part your business continuity strategy. Choosing a managed cloud hosting India services may seem somewhat costly, however, it can help you save you a lot of time to center on your internet business as a way to grow the productivity. Whether you have a growing business, are seeking to prepare an online shop, building a portfolio or wanting to establish different applications, VPS Hosting is capable of supporting several scenarios and configurations.

Choosing a company that provides reliable support can create all the difference when these vital situations occur. It’s very useful to have these individuals on hand in the event you need them, and although a lot of people may not know it, they have a critical job as they’re a large part of keeping things afloat with the developing role of technology in today’s world. Thus, in the not too distant future, the on-line buyers are expecting a larger level of integration between the mobile and the real worlds. In case you are planning to launch your organization website, perhaps you can enjoy plenty of benefits by choosing this sort of hosting.

Business web site hosting often has a greater expense depending on the size and kind of the site. Cloud hosting is the latest type of internet hosting, which is an excellent chance for business owners to better their web presence. Free hosts don’t have any obligation to continue to keep your website running. The larger your site or company, the larger the web hosting package you should select.

Cloud hosting services provide a viable alternative to the traditional, and expensive on-site server, while also providing developers with quite a few distinct benefits. Clustered hosting is also rather reasonably priced and cost effective, particularly for growing enterprises. Cloud Hosting is an increasing presence in the internet hosting industry as it meets customer needs so well.

In a cloud assistance, all resources are pooled across varied clients. With a site, minor to important businesses become more known as it can get to the worldwide audience instantly and execute commercial transactions. Since websites do a lot for absolutely any individual, it’s for the business proprietors therefore, to care for the websites and to ensure that they’ve subscribed quality web enabled services for the websites. Also, a growing number of large-sized organizations that generate sales on the internet normally are also availing this sort of hosting.

On account of the demand for cloud storage solutions, there are numerous companies offering the service. Other packages are very cheap and include several advantages and disadvantages. Finally, in the event the storage providers close up shop, it’ll be very difficult to retrieve a business’s data. While there are lots of cloud storage providers that sell the service, the majority of these providers permit you a limited number of versions.

At B4U India we are a managed cloud hosting providers India where you host your web application on cloud server with us and our technical team is there to take care of your technical issues related to your Cloud server with our free 24*7 hrs. Managed support.

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