Someone send me an email that my email id got hacked! What shall I do now?

Someone I send you spam email and in that he/she written that they have your email id doesn't necessarily mean they are having your email id hacked. Spammers or cyber criminals send such emails to thousands of people this is act of crime, but this is how they think they can make people worried.
So in order to determine the exact issue, if you are WebJi® client and have got any such email then please follow the steps as mentioned below:
1. If you are using outlook then you can get the email header information as steps found in video tutorial at 
2. If you are using mailenable email then you can follow steps as mentioned in the screenshot at 
3. If you are using Roundcube webmail steps as mentioned in the screenshot at
4. If you are using Horde webmail steps as mentioned in the screenshot at
So collect the email header information for the email, which was received and in question and share that in a notepad .txt file format and send it to
Please, note that technical support will be provided only to WebJi® clients. So, if you got this article via search engine results then contact your own web host for any such help.
Until it is properly investigated, you can also follow security steps as mentioned at for all of your concerned email ids. Even following the given steps at periodically every few weeks or month basis shall be good practice for secure usages of services and shall have its own benefits.
However just by sending an email spammer may be trying to make you worried with only words. So beware of online frauds, the internet is full of cyber-criminals and their multiple folds of wrongful illegal practices to threaten others.
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