Jun 29th Completed - Hardware upgrade on server IP

30-Jun-2020 - 20:46 Data has been migrated to the IP of nameservers updated, if you are using default nameservers of our server then the website shall start working from the new server, and no changes required.However, if you have a reseller hosting ac and using any custom nameservers then make sure to update your primary and secondary child ... Read More »

Apr 6th Discount offer on 23+ domain name extensions (TLDs)

Please find the list of 23+ Domain name TLDs, on which we are offering special discount price for limited period (on new orders) only: TLD (Domain Extension) Regular Price for 1 year Discounted Price for 1st year Offer ends on (approx) .biz   Rs. 545/- 27 March 2021 .blue   Rs. 545/- 27 June 2020 .buzz   Rs. ... Read More »