30-Jun-2020 - 20:46

Data has been migrated to the IP of nameservers updated, if you are using default nameservers of our server then the website shall start working from the new server, and no changes required.

However, if you have a reseller hosting ac and using any custom nameservers then make sure to update your primary and secondary child nameserver IPs to new server IP viz.

If any database error is there then make sure the database hostname is mentioned as localhost make sure to open the new Plesk panel from only and new FTP hostname as IP for any changes on the website.

Kindly note that the new server MSSQL 2017 version 14.00.1000 on it.

If you have any technical issues then feel free to contact us via email at support@webji.services within the next 48 hrs or asap.

If you are facing any SQL related error then make sure of the following:
1. For asp.net script uploaded on server use MSSQL hostname as new hostname: .\MSSQLSERVER2017
2. For remote connection using MSSQL management studio to connect to server-side SQL use hostname as,1435


30-Jun-2020 - 18:15

Data migration task has been completed at the moment we are doing the IP update and some post-migration checks so update you in few minutes with more updates on the same.

Plz wait for our update.


30-Jun-2020 - 13.26

Sorry for the inconvenience caused due to this technical issue.  The server is back online and in few minutes services will start working fine, in meantime, we will proceed with the data migration task as require to new server and keep you all updated here on the same announcement thread.



30-Jun-2020 - 13.11

We facing issues to read the file on the old server and thus check disk is running which is a file system check utility of Windows server due to safety measures it cant be skipped and may take a few hrs. to complete as its a system process of Windows Server os thus we can't do anything to speed it up no such provisions.

It may take a few hrs we will keep you updated. Current position screenshot uploaded for your view at https://share.getcloudapp.com/xQuDq87D


29-Jun-2020 17:22

Step 1 of "copy all data from the current server to the new server using Plesk Migration tools" as mentioned earlier is going on may take a few hrs. We are working on it. We will keep you updated on the same thread as soon as we have more updates to share on the same.



29-Jun-2020 08:34

We are pleased to inform you that our shared hosting server IP is being upgraded to new hardware with NVMe drive which is up to 30x faster than the SATA drive which is there on the existing server IP and with the latest processor shall make a huge difference in terms of performance. 

Here is a step by step plan:

  1. We will copy all data from the current server to the new server using Plesk Migration tools.
  2. Once done will update the nameservers IPs and if you are having custom nameservers on your reseller hosting ac then we will provide you new server IP to be updated in your child nameservers or custom DNS zones if you are hosting DNS with any other provider. Such changes required to be done from your end only in case you are not using our provided default server's nameserver otherwise not.
  3. After that, all clients are requested to please check web applications, website, database & email ids and let us know via email at support@webji.services in case any technical issue is their post-migration the same will be attended on priority basis. 
  4. After 48 hrs of step 3, we will have the old server terminated.

All of the future updates will be shared on the same announcement link so request you to please keep revisiting every few hrs until last step 4 is completed.

Monday, June 29, 2020

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